Central Baltic Cycling

About the project

In the Baltic and Scandinavian countries, tourism is one of the fastest growing industries. But there are still differences in the development level of the tourism industry in each country. Low activity of people, incomplete infrastructure and lack of information are obstacles for the development of cycle tourism, and factors that hinder the development of competitive and qualitative cycle tourism service. More and more foreign tourists regard the Baltic and Scandinavian countries as a single tourism destination, creating the necessity for improved inner cooperation within the region.
In order to develop cycling culture in Central Baltic Sea territories, Zemgale Planning Region in cooperation with partners in Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Sweden has started project's „CentralBalticCycling" implementation.
Project's main idea is to encourage tourists to visit the Baltic Sea littoral countries, inviting them to see what can offer more distant regions, not only capitals of states. There will be analysed current situation and identified potential of cycling culture in order to develop new tourism products in the course of project's implementation, so this is a great opportunity for the development of tourism business in project participant's regions.


The aim of the project was to promote competitiveness of the Central Baltic region in the European tourism market by expanding offer of tourism products in the project areas.


The project started out by assessing the development potential of cycling tourism. Furthermore, the project established and strengthened a cooperation network among tourism professionals related to the bicycle tourism in the Central Baltic region. During the project the bicycle tourism infrastructure was improved and the region is being promoted as a joint tourism destination. To ensure the creation of new tourism products, workshops for tourism sector entrepreneurs were organised with tourism associations and tourist information centres.


1.Created joint network of different bicycle routes in the project area for different target groups and developed cycling related tourism products. Since the cycling routes and products will be developed so that they address various target groups, a larger number of people will be informed about regional specifics, and through cycling their physical and emotional wellbeing will be improved.

2. Established or strengthened cooperation network among the tourism professionals related to the bicycle tourism. A common tourism, business and marketing network will serve as the basis for further product development and promotion in relation to the tourism industry.

3. Improved bicycle tourism infrastructure and supported further development thereof. The improved infrastructure serves for the improvement of the living and working environment for locals, as well as a positive welcome of domestic and foreign tourists.The infrastructure is also needed for better tourism flow organisation, thus decreasing the adverse impact of environment by chaotic tourism flows.

4. Promoted Central Baltic region as bicycle tourism destination. The promotion of cycling tourism destinations increases interest of tourists in the Central Baltic region, thus increasing also the income by local businesses through tourist spendings. Moreover the promotional activities indirectly refer also to the promotion of healthy and environment friendly lifestyle.

Project „CentralBalticCycling", or in full title „Development and Improvement of Cycling Route Network in Central Baltic Area" is implemented with financial support of European Union European Regional Development fund (ERDF) in Central Baltic Programme INTERREG IV A 2007-2013. Total budget is 1 497 889 EUR where 1 161 001 EUR is co-financed by ERDF.