Economic Profile of Zemgale

The economic profile of Zemgale Planning Region includes four main directions of specialisations:

  1. Bio economics, agriculture and processing of its products;
  2. Natural resource (forests and natural resource) management;
  3. Manufacturing industry as the specialisation of the urban areas;
  4. Tourism and crafts as the brand of region identity.

Long-term development of these branches is directed towards the effective and sustainable usage of local resources, as well as towards the increase of innovations and competitiveness, acquiring niches that are more perspective and region-specific. The economic specialisation of the region will contribute to the implementation of long-term development priorities by having a person in the centre of economic development, and with business activities in the perspective branches enhancing the employment of Zemgale's inhabitants and creative activities. There are areas that twist through all specialisation directions to ensure a stable and innovative growth of economic branches:

  • transport and logistics ensuring both people mobility and transporting of resources and products, including sales and export possibilities;
  • education, science, innovations, and information and communications technologies (ICT) are to be developed in close connection with economics, ensuring the necessary specialists, innovative solutions of products and technologies.