There are more than 100 general education institutions with approximately 20-25 thousands of students in Zemgale. In Jelgava Latvia University of Agriculture is located which has many unique study programmes specially developed for regional development. Outside the formal education there is variety of possibilities for children and youngsters in hobby education. Their involvement in education programs of interest, extra-curricular activities and events, promote useful and meaningful leisure time, formation of national identity and national awareness, maintenance and inheritance of traditions and cultural values, creative self-expression, talent and self-development, socialization and improvement of knowledge and skills acquired in formal education.

Latvia University of Agriculture, located in Jelgava city, is biggest higher education institution in Zemgale and the only higher agricultural education establishment in Latvia. The university is multi-profiled. Besides the traditional study fields, LLU also provides multiform unique study programmes related with advanced agriculture, veterinary medicine, food production, forestry and landscape architecture.

There are about 40 adult education providers in Zemgale, which covers all centres of region. Besides these institutions, significant player in field of lifelong learning and future education is NGO sector.