Zemgale region is located in Southeast of Latvia and envelop 10742 sq km area. Region contains of 20 councils and two cities of national importance - Jelgava and Jēkabpils. Major cities and regional centers are those who create intellectual and technical environment for business development around them.

One of the Zemgale values is its favourable geographical location as well as great transport infrastructure, which allows developing a various business profiles in this region. In comparison with other regions in Latvia, Zemgale has comparative advantages in agriculture, well-developed infrastructure, flexible labour market and positive demographic situation, cheaper labour, as well as the access to the educational institutions and scientific institutions for the development of region's potential.

Main industries in Zemgale are manufacturing, education, trade, health care, agriculture and transportation. The most essential of the manufacturing sectors are wood and its products, food products and clothing industry. Also in recent years automotive industry has developed with companies making parts (exhausts, radiators, suspension components etc.) for different major car manufacturers.

One of the most important factors for innovative entrepreneurship's development is Science Centres', Technology Centres' as well as Industrial Territories' existence in the region.