Zemgale has everything, what the heart desires!

Zemgale - a flourishing region, rich in cultural and historical heritage - is located in the central part of Latvia, to the South from Riga and along the border of Lithuania. Zemgale region has great and diverse intangible and tangible culture heritage.

We are proud Zemgale has probably the most remarkable manors, castles and palaces in the area! Major attractions in Zemgale are Baroque style Rundāle, Jelgava and Mežotne palaces as well as Bauska castle. Also worth seeing are Krustpils castle as well as Dobele and Koknese castle ruins.

The largest part of Zemgale is flat, which makes it different from the other regions that have both uplands and deep river valleys. Zemgale boasts one of the most fertile grain fields in Northern Europe, something that has ensured the prosperity of the region for many successive centuries. Zemgale region has great Intangible culture heritage as gastronomy and craft traditions.

Also worth seeing is Tērvete Nature Park with more than one hundred wooden sculptures made after Latvian writer’s Anna Brigadere fairy play themes. Visit the largest Lilac Garden in the Baltic’s near Dobele city and Pokaiņi forest with its stories about the supernatural abilities the stones of the forest have, as well as Tīreļpurvs and Ložmetējkalns, which is one of the best preserved World War I battlefields in Europe, where you can see the Christmas battle memorials.

Zemgale has everything what the heart desires - blooming rye, potato and rape fields, extending as far as horizon, windmills, where winds get stuck, numerous theatre and music festivals, rich fairs in springs and autumns, favourite places of picking berries, gathering mushrooms and fishing, ancient and modern guest houses, where the hosts present their guests with beer brewed of home-grown barley and careful hostesses ply with bacon pies and other ecologically pure country benefits.

Pack your suitcase, ask your friends to come along with you and go to discover Zemgale and its friendly people!